Molly of Denali Marks First National Children's Show With Native American Lead

Molly of Denali Marks First National Children’s Show With Native American Lead A new cartoon about a 10-year-old Native girl in Alaska has captured the heart of people across the country. More than 60 Native people helped create Molly of Denali. Dennis Zotigh praises the show for its accurate representation of Native cultures and customs. “My 81-year-old father saw the first segment with me and I asked him, ‘What did you get out of this?’ He said, ‘I think it will open doors for our people,”

West Garfield Park program helps young men build a brighter future

The life expectancy in West Garfield Park is 16 years shorter than that of Chicago’s downtown area, making it the lowest in the city. One organization at New Mount Pilgrim Church is trying to help young men avoid the drugs and gun violence that threaten young lives in the community. The MAAFA Redemption Project is a 9-month long program for high-risk men in West Garfield Park ages 18 to 30. Through mentoring, academic education and a range of social services, the program invests in their future

Double amputee discovers new abilities through contemporary dance

Through contemporary dance, Kris Lenzo shows the world that disabled people are no different from other dancers. Lenzo lost both legs in a work accident nearly 40 years ago but has stayed active since his injury. He played wheelchair basketball for years before transitioning to contemporary dance at Momenta Dance Company in Oak Park, Ill., in 2003. Lenzo performs in several group pieces, solo routines and partner dances throughout the year. Photo at top: Double amputee dancer Kris Lenzo rehear